Kampamba Kampi Mubanga works as a senior legal assistant for Chinsali Municipal Council, under the Ministry of Local Government and Housing. His responsibilities include offering legal advice to the institution, supervising and undertaking the preparation of all contractual agreements, as well as the timely processing of all land applications. He was recently trained by the Electoral Commission of Zambia in conflict management and resolution after which he was appointed as a committee member for the Chinsali District Conflict Management Committee. Kampi is also a member of the Chinsali District Political Parties Liaison Committee, comprising all registered political party leaders. He offers pro bono legal services to the community, holds a degree in International Law from Voronezh State University in Russia, and speaks Russian fluently. Having completed the Mandela Washington Fellowship, he has since got an MPA from the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs, worked on a project for the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, investigating the impact of the private sector and philanthropies in empowering girls in rural areas, examining the gaps in the system and further making recommendations.

Kampamba Kampi Mubanga works as a senior legal ass...
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